The Focus Points Programme

The Focus Points Programme offered by is a way to get the most out of your rentals, and rewards you for being a loyal customer of ours. We reward you for things that you already do, which is supporting us by renting our equipment. All points earned enable you to receive discounted prices on all your future rentals.

Terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions on how the Focus Points system works and how to use it.

  • Focus Points are not cash nor redeemable for cash in any way what so ever.
  • Only Registered users are eligible to earn or use Focus Points.
  • Focus Points are automatically calculated each time you rent. You earn Focus Points based on the total payable on an invoice.
  • Focus Points are only available for invoices relating to collections from 1 September 2014 onwards.
  • The Focus Points Programme maybe suspended or cancelled at any time.
  • reserves the right to remove any Focus Points earned due to, but not limited to, misuse, abuse or nonpayment of rentals.
  • Focus Points are only valid for a one year time period. Points will automatically be removed if not used within one year of earning the Focus Points.
  • Focus Points are not transferable to any other registered users on
  • Focus Points can be used at both the Johannesburg and Pretoria branch.

How Focus points are earned

Every time you rent, 5% of the total rental amount payable, will be converted into Focus Points. So, should your rental be say R1,000, you will earn 50 Focus Points. Each Focus Point will be the equivalent of R1. You would then be able to use the 50 Focus Points on your following rental, giving you a R50 discount. Focus Point can be accumulated over time, and should you accumulate enough your next rental could even be FREE!!!

The Focus Points that you have earned will be displayed on the top righthand corner of our website, once you have logged in.

This is just another way we at want to say thank you, for all your past and continued support. We are the innovators in the photographic rental industry and strive to make you experience with us a smooth and positive experience.


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