The Rental Process

Select what you want

All rentals are done on a reservation basis. Browse through our range of Canon (cameras, lenses and flashes), Nikon (cameras, lenses and flashes) and Lighting Solutions (including lighting from Profoto and Elinchrom) and see what items you would like to rent from us. For instance, you may like a backup camera for a wedding shoot, a telephoto lens for a visit to the park or lighting for studio portraits or a location shoot.

Place your order

Renting stuff with us is really easy. After choosing what you want, place you order by submitting your Rental Basket and we'll get back to you [click here], email us [click here] or call us on +27 (0)72 552 5943. Provide details of what you want and how long you want it.

Custom rental periods can be arranged. Just contact us [click here] and we will do our best to accommodate you. Once you submit your order enquiry, we will check the availability of your request and will confirm your order via email. If we have questions about your order, we'll talk to you about it here. If you are a first-time customer you will be required to supply a copy of a valid identity document or passport; preferably this should be emailed to us before the collection date.

Collect from us

You can collect your order after 3pm on the day preceding your first rental date. On the collection date, we pull your order from inventory, inspect and clean it, and prepare it for your visit. Your order can be collected via our West Rand shop or dropped off, as arranged when placing the order. Once you have collected/received your items, your rental period begins. You will receive your invoice and will be required to sign our rental agreement [click here]. If you are a first-time customer, don't forget to bring a valid identity document or passport along; we shall also require a proof of residence! We do make insurance available to our customers; however, you welcome to make your own arrangements for insurance (proof shall be required).

Take your pictures

Click your camera's button until your heart's content to get those special moments captured on digital card. Is that not why you have rented from us in the first place? When you start "clicking" we want that to be the sound of your first picture experience with

Return to us

You must return your order before 12pm on the day after your rental date. Return the camera, lens/lenses, lighting or other accessories to us. The items can be returned to our West Rand or collected from you, as arranged when placing the order. Once you have returned your items, your rental period ends. Once the stuff gets back to us, we'll inspect it again. If there's any damage, we'll talk to you further; if not, we'll send you on your merry way and will forward to seeing you again. Done!

Share your shots

You've rented from us so now we would love to see your shots. Why not join our community site


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